27 July 2017


Yes its been a whole 7 months since I last posted! Time is flying by!

However, our running group has gone no-where! We are still here for all you keen running ladies!

We would like to see more of you joining our club, we are a friendly group of women that love to run and have a natter at the same time! If you cant talk - you are running too fast!

So come on down what ever your ability and join one of our sessions!

Tuesday at 7pm

Wednesday at 6.30pm

Thursday at 7pm

We all meet in the Creche at Leyland Leisure centre - be sure to turn up at least 10 minutes before the above times!

We would really like to see you! What have you got to loose!

Any questions - please see the contact us section and give us a call.

See you all soon :)

18 January 2017

Well ladies! What can I say! It definitely has been a while since I have posted!!
Happy New Year!! Here's to another year of hectic running! Ha ha!

So as you maybe aware via our Facebook page tonight sees the 2nd week of our 10 week beginners programme. It's not to late to come along!

We will be at Leyland leisure centre from 6pm and will start the session at 6:30pm. Come along! See what you think. We are a friendly welcoming group!

Hopefully see you all tonight! Be sure to bring a long a high viz jacket or vest so you can be seen!

Come on down and join us!!

14 September 2016

Ladies Ladies!! Its been a while!!

Lots have happened over the past few months! I am back running now - thank goodness!!

SO, who is with me!!

If you are stuck for something to do tonight why not come and join us for the start of our beginners 10 week session!!

6.30pm at Leyland Leisure centre! Please arrive for 6.15pm. We will be in the creche to the left as you go through the main entrance. You will be home in time for the start of Bake Off :)

Come on down, we would love for you to join in our fun whilst we run!

Hope you can make it, if you have any queries, please have a look on the contacts page and give one of our Leaders a call.

Hope to see you in a couple of hours!

03 May 2016

Ladies Ladies!

Its been a while! Hope you are all running hard :)

If you havent seen already we have a new beginners groups taking place on Tuesdays at 6.30pm from Leyland Leisure Centre with our lovely Carole Schultz! Why not come on down and see what its all about!!

Lots of us are on with our training for Liverpool Rock and Roll half marathon! Some of our lovely ladies have just completed the Madrid Rock and Roll half marathon! Not to mention taking part in the London marathon!! Wonderful achievements all round - keep it up!! On that note did you know that the ballot for next years London Marathon is open!!! Go on - get registered!!

For all our current members - please be reminded your annual membership is now due! Sign up as a new member and get one of our lovely South Ribble Runners T-shirts!

See you all soon ladies - keep running! :)

03 February 2016

Here it is already! FEBRUARY! How did that happen!

So we are a month into the New you! How is your running going, have you met any goals that you made in January as yet - maybe starting to run or joining our club?

Its still not to late to join any of our groups:

Tuesdays               7:00pm
Wednesdays         6:30pm
Thursdays            7:00pm

We will cater for all of your needs! Beginners 10 week sessions come round faster than you think! So keep your eyes peeled! If you are already out and about doing some running and fancy coming along one night to see what we are about - COME ON DOWN!! We are a local friendly group of women that love to run!

Have a look around the blog for further information, if you cant see the answer you require - please feel free to drop me a message and we will get back to you!

Happy running Ladies :) 

24 January 2016

Hello ladies, so you may have seen the campaign 'This Girl Can' I follow this page on numerous social media and find their quotes very inspirational. In October I wrote the following based on my current situation and how I came about running! Whilst writing this post I can tell you that I am now awaiting the op on my foot! So in the words of Arnie 'I will be back!' 

This Girl Can………

So, you may all have seen the Marks & Spencer’s T-shirts with the slogan ‘This Girl can’ on the front. Well I’m here to tell you that this girl can and this girl did and this girl will continue….. As can you!
I started running somewhat 8 years ago, living a few houses down from Alison Evans you didn’t have much of a choice but to get into running! She collard me at a Cancer Research run where I had just completed my very first 5K in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I was 14 stone and thought my legs may fall off at any moment. Alison said ‘You should join our running club!’ I couldn’t speak back I don’t think so I just grinned. That week I had a knock on the door and that was it…… I have never looked back.
I started running each week with the group and started to build a real friendship with the ladies that ran to, we all had our different reasons for taking up running. Within weeks I started to feel like I was Forest Gump! I could take on the world! Hmmmm that wasn’t so when I signed up for my first half marathon – the Great Cumbrian half marathon! It rained and it rained and it was windy, not to mention the hills!! However, even if I was walking at a fast pace but doing the motions of running – I WAS RUNNING THAT 13.2miles!! I did it! I finished! I have got to say it was a very emotional time! The sense of achievement was over whelming!!
So that was it, I was hooked! I started to lose weight and joined a local Weight Watchers club. Time went on and I started to run a few 5K’s 10K’s and put in for the half marathon again in Cumbria. This time I was lighter and much fitter! I completed it and knocked time off my previous year! I was so happy!
2015 has been a struggling time for me as many of you know I’ve had an injured ankle/foot. I don’t want the violins to come out! But I have struggled with my running so much, even the gym has taken a back step with me. With thanks to Alison I completed the Liverpool Rock and Roll half marathon a week after I was taken out of a boot! No training for 6 weeks leading up to it! At some points during the run I thought I may collapse! I was soooooo tired! But Alison kept me going – even if I had to listen to her sing along the way! She even thought I was hallucinating at mile 10 when I said I could see my Dad! Which by the way, he was actually there – she couldn’t see as she didn’t have her glasses on!! Seeing him spurred me on! It was just at the right moment he gave me that push I really needed!! Then seeing Mum at the finish line shouting our names was amazing! I completed it and only added 15 minutes on to my time!
At the beginning of September I was placed back in a boot L I had already signed up for the Joining Jack 10K, I had done this race since it started and was determined I was getting that 3rd medal! I told Alison of my frustration and said I will walk it with my boot on! She turned to me and said ‘I have an idea – I will push you in my mum’s wheel chair!’ That she did! Not only did she push me – she ran with me sat in the chair!!! A full 6 miles!! I just sat back and relaxed! I even thanked people for saying well done ha ha!! I was even given water along the way – you know it’s very tiring sitting and being pushed! We completed it in 1 hour 25minutes!! Madness!

So, I guess is what I’m trying to say is that we all go through tough times and we all sometimes think we can’t do that – but you know what, with the right friends around you, you can do anything. Joining South Ribble Runners for me has been the best thing I’ve ever done. I have met the most amazing ladies and their amazing families and with them THIS GIRL CAN! I never dreamed I would be sat here having done four half marathons and having signed up for more in 2016 – even the LONDON MARATHON! So for all this I thank you ladies! Here’s to more fun and laughter along the way!

Sarah Wilding 

So ladies, as we move into 2016 we are looking at safety running! We have our club rules that we ask our members to follow whilst running with the groups, but we want you to always stay safe whilst out running! 
Our very own Becky Bradley has started to make ICE bands at just £7.50. These are a great little thing to pop round your wrist when you head out on a run. It will have your name, any allergies and your ICE contact details on. There are a range of colours available for both Men and Women. 

If you would like to purchase one please contact Becky on: rebecca_bradley@sky.com 

Stay safe! 

Well there goes another week of running!!
Well done to all our fab new ladies that have completed their third week!!!
You call yourselves beginners - we beg to differ!!

See you for week 4! :)

Its not to late to join our groups! Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays - come on down!