Top Tips

Good bra
It's important that you get fitted by an expert when buying a sports bra. Lots of local underwear shops have this service. Badly fitted bras can cause all sorts of problems.

Good trainers
Once you've been bitten by the running bug it's important you purchase some properly fitted trainers. As a member of South Ribble Runners you will receive a 10% discount on trainers and sports clothing at Sweatshop in Chorley. Here they provide a gait analysis service to help you find the perfect pair - you need to be comfy in your running shoes.

Good friends
We feel that running with a group of friends that you can have a chat with always makes running more fun - our moto is, 'if you can't talk - you're running to fast!'

Be Safe!
We must make sure we run with safety and common sense! Here are a few of our South Ribble Runners rules we ask as a club that you follow:  

  • Don’t run with headphones in both ears! Just put one in and leave the other free so you can hear
  • Try and run with company
  • Be seen! Wear bright colours
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the weather
  • Don’t run on your own at night
  • Group runs – ALWAYS loop back and stay to the left
  • Tell someone where you are running
  • Keep emergency contacts on you in your pocket
  • Keep your eyes on the road/footpath